Head Hunting

The meaning of the expression “head hunter” coincides with the Italian “cacciatore di teste” and indicates the people who choose the best candidates and place them in the best positions. StrategicPeople, within the executive search processes, is able to structure all the elements characterizing the flow of this service: target processing, screening, scouting, mapping, questionnaires and interviews, drawing up profiles, drawing up and applying the plan for integration into the company.

Search and Selection

We are specialized in the search and selection of personnel for all sectors: our Consultants have diversified experience in various fields and product sectors. We work in specialized market divisions and approach the various contexts from which our candidates come in a diversified but synergistic way. We use the most modern search systems that allow us to access a constantly updated and enriched database.


The scientific tool of the Assessment (individual or group) is particularly useful both in the field of selection and development for the observation and evaluation of behaviors that are subject to the skills indicated as “core” for a given position. StrategicPeople designs and manages assessment paths by customizing the moments of analysis of the need, the tools, the contents. The assessment method proposed by StrategicPeople, through the use of different tools and “observation points”, is far more predictive than people’s performance in the workplace.


We want to evolve together with our interlocutors, organizations and people, because we believe that technological development cannot be separated from training and specialization of everyone’s hard and soft skills.

The experts of our staff are specialized in the study of training needs, in the development and design of courses, in the support to any organizational communications associated with the management of communication mechanisms and engagement,  in the management of administrative practices related to the presentation and management of financing, funds, inter-professional funds, etc.


In order to be sustainable, the companies need to generate profit, the ultimate aim of which is to increase human well-being. StrategicPeople helps companies compose their workforce: Through accurate assessments aimed at identifying the skills necessary for an organization chart to correspond to the path to which a company aims and the needs that the evolving market imposes, our Advisors assist companies in the processes of change.

At the same time, we help people to be aware of their value through a structured analysis of their knowledge, personal characteristics, attitudes, skills and values. We firmly believe that only in this way an individual can aspire to what he truly desires for himself and for his work: to contribute to the creation of human well-being by participating in a work environment that effectively corresponds to one’s own peculiarities.

Career counseling

Facing a professional change successfully requires several elements that contribute together to the final result. StrategicPeople offers a complete Career Advice course, which includes in the first instance an analysis of the professional path of the candidate, a deepening of the skills acquired and trained during his school and career path, an excursus of all the successes achieved over time and his personal skills.

Through avant-garde in-depth courses, StrategicPeople assists the candidates in their own awareness, so that they can better manage their professional career objectives.