We are a strategic consulting company made up of a team of experts, each with a professional baggage of excellence. We deal with the entrepreneur, the board, the top management of companies and with people, sharing goals, strategies, expectations and needs.


StrategicPeople is a strategic consulting company that helps companies and people develop through the enhancement of all their distinctive factors: In this way, we want to refine the mix of skills, professionalism, atmosphere and personalities that inevitably intersect and evolve when different people and histories are placed in a single context and a company organization comes to life.

StrategicPeople - What we do

We want to put our professionalism and experience at the service of business organizations to help them with their HR processes at all stages of their lifecycle: start up, development, consolidation and renovation. We want to help people organize, recognize, develop and renew their professionalism so that, on the one hand, it is always in line and commensurate with the demands of a constantly evolving market, on the other hand it is appropriate to the desires, needs and objectives that everyone sets.


Our Interlocutors

We deal with the entrepreneur, the board or the top management, with whom we share the strategic objectives of their organization and help them to achieve them: we analyze the company path, we understand where we are or want to go and we give concrete support so that the entire company structure follows the same direction in pursuing its specific objectives.